Zoo School Wednesday

Today we attended Zoo School Wednesday at the Akron Zoo. The theme for this month was camouflage.

This is a photo of a screech owl, which uses concealing coloration.


The kids then created a scene with art pastels and an animal that blended in with the scene. They are intentionally stylized and geometric.





In the evening, they attended Hamlet/MacBeth rehearsal at the DGT.


Zoo School Wednesday: Perfect Pets

Today we attended Zoo School at the Akron Zoo. The topic was “Perfect Pets”.


In addition to learning about what kinds of animals make good pets and ways to be a good pet owner, they also discussed what animals are NOT good pets (and why):


The kids also had to care for a [hard cooked] egg during the class, to prove they were responsible and attentive “pet” owners.

Let’s Zoo Science October 2013

Today we attended “Let’s Zoo Science” at the Akron Zoo. S9 was in the older class, and they covered the following topics:

Ages 9-12 Pouncing Predators
-What Makes a Predator?, Bears, Wolves & Otters, Oh My!, Hunting is Hard

O7 and her friend, D, were in another class:

Ages 6-8 Nature Detectives
-Lunch for a Bear, Wildlife Treasure Hunt, “Whoo-t” Loot

Both groups got to do a short tour of the zoo and had an animal encounter in the classroom. They both got a chance to dissect an owl pellet.

Later, S9 went to her last soccer practice for the season. We have a game this weekend and next, and then soccer will be over until next year.