NYC Day 3

Today in NYC we visited the Empire State Building. It involved a lot of waiting in line to get to the 102nd floor, but the park service does a good job with large displays on the history of the building, so you learn quite a bit and pass the time fairly quickly.



Mount Saint Helens

While we were on our vacation visiting family on the west coast, we took a day to visit Mount Saint Helens National Volcanic Monument in Washington.




It was a very cloudy and foggy day, so we did not have spectacular views of the mountain, but the clouds did part long enough for us to get a glimpse into the crater. The girls (and adults) were appropriately impressed. The kids did the Junior Ranger activity offered here at MSH. First, we watched a movie about the 1980 eruption, which complimented a video we watched back at home before we left for this trip. It talked about the events of that day in May but also the smaller, crater-building eruptions that took place over the next few years after the big one. We saw the lava dome grow and the crater glacier change size and shape. It was very interesting. Next, we attended a ranger presentation. The ranger discussed the changing shape of the summit and crater, showing us before and after pictures and also pointing out the rebuilding sequence that has since occurred.


After the ranger signed their booklets and they finished the activities inside, we noticed that the sun had peeked out and that we might be able to see into the crater from the observatory. We went outside and hiked up to the outdoor observation point, and did manage to see it for a brief minute or two before the clouds moved back in.







Finally, the girls went back in and were sworn in as Junior Rangers. They got their pins and trading cards, plus a certificate signed by Ranger Grace. I bought them each a patch, too. We had remembered to bring our National Park Kids Companion Books along, so they also got stamps in those. Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled

Young Historians Club

S8 attended her first meeting with the Young Historians Club today.  They meet monthly at the Bond House in Canfield, which is home to the Canfield Historical society and an adorable little colonial museum.

Through critical thinking and cooperative exercises, problem solving activities, mapping, note booking and role play opportunities participants will learn about the people and events that influenced our nation’s government. Programs will enhance understanding of our nation’s government, and lead participants on the path to becoming an informed member of society.

We the People
12:30pm to 3:00pm
the second Wednesday of each month, December through April,
Registration is $10 per class.
Recommended for any home schooled student ages 8 thru 16

December 12, 2012 Framers of the Constitution

January 9, 2013 Our Constitution

February 13 , 2013 The Commander in Chief

March 13 , 2013 Citizens of the United States

April 10, 2013 A Mock Congressional Hearing