Romeo and Juliet: Restaurant Wars!

Today I got to see the girls in “Romeo & Juliet: Restaurant Wars!”- a spin on the Shakespearean classic tale. DH went to last night’s show, which was opening night and, from the sounds of it, a bit rough. Tonight’s show was really fantastic. O11 played Amy, Juliet’s BFF. S12 played Fryer Laurence, a chicken merchant.

Fryer Laurence
S12 as “Fryer Laurence”


This show was the final project for the homeschool theater class they’ve been doing since the fall. The class also included basic theater elements, set design and lighting, choreography, and improvisation. We will have one final class this term to celebrate the show and do a final Improv performance, possibly live-streaming online.


Miscellaneous Monday

Mondays and Tuesdays are our most hectic days, because the girls and I all have to be in different places around town at about the same time or on overlapping schedules. Tonight, S11 went to dance at Kathi’s (her Cecchetti studio) while O10 went to Spanish at the library. Fortunately, they are only 10 minutes away from each other, so I dropped S off early and waited at the library with O until she was done. Then O and I picked S up from dance in New Middletown and drove out to Canfield for Hamlet rehearsal. O did not go to guitar as she is recovering from a bit of the flu, and her teacher was having furnace trouble. We’ll resume guitar next week.

Earlier in the day, the girls practiced their lines for MacBeth together before their rehearsal at Homeschool Players on Friday.



CoOp Week 4 February

Today we had our regular Friday Co-Op. Sickness seems to have taken hold of the group, as nearly half the families were absent. But those who attended enjoyed working on History (Story of the World Book 2, Chapters 14-15). They learned about English history and built or drew castles out of a variety of materials.

After lunch, we attended the Homeschool Players at the Dublin Grange Theatre. The kids are working on a Dr. Seuss-ified version of “MacBeth”, which will be presented along with the Afterschool Players’ Seuss-ified version of “Hamlet”, in mid-March.


AfterSchool Players Rehearsal

Tonight S11 had contemporary dance at the Stage Door. I dropped her off there, ran O10 out the the Dublin Grange for Hamlet rehearsal, went back to get S11 from dance, and brought her to play practice. It was a lot of driving between Canfield and Poland, but we managed to get everyone to all the evening’s activities. We did not intend to be in the AfterSchool Players show (they are doing Hamlet, while the Homeschool Players are doing MacBeth),b but Miss Jen asked the girls to take on the roles of the Gravediggers as she was short a few cast members. They love doing plays with the DGT and, since they are small roles, it was not a huge undertaking. The shows are coming up on the third weekend of March.




The girls performed in a play at the Dublin Grange Theatre this weekend. S11 played Pigeon, and O10 played Birdie in a rendition of Rumpelstiltskin. The play was excellent and they were very well-cast. Birdie is the serious, conscientious aunt of goofy Pigeon, who is about as bird-brained as they come.

In addition to performing in the show, S11 also did the artwork for the playbill, and the original painting was hung in the theatre.


Zoo School Wednesday

Today we attended Zoo School Wednesday at the Akron Zoo. The theme for this month was camouflage.

This is a photo of a screech owl, which uses concealing coloration.


The kids then created a scene with art pastels and an animal that blended in with the scene. They are intentionally stylized and geometric.





In the evening, they attended Hamlet/MacBeth rehearsal at the DGT.


Tonight we took in a performance of Cats at the Youngstown Playhouse, along with two other homeschooling families. It was excellent. S11 has been YouTubing clips of the Broadway show ever since, especially “Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer”, which she would like to be cast as when she makes her own Broadway debut. O10 was duly impressed by Victoria the white cat. And we all loved the poignant moment when Grizabella was chosen to be reborn to a new Jellicle life.

Fun fact- Rum Tum Tugger was played by the same actor we saw as Donkey in Shrek the previous summer: James Major Burns. He is incredibly talented and will be famous someday, we believe.