Miscellaneous Monday

Mondays and Tuesdays are our most hectic days, because the girls and I all have to be in different places around town at about the same time or on overlapping schedules. Tonight, S11 went to dance at Kathi’s (her Cecchetti studio) while O10 went to Spanish at the library. Fortunately, they are only 10 minutes away from each other, so I dropped S off early and waited at the library with O until she was done. Then O and I picked S up from dance in New Middletown and drove out to Canfield for Hamlet rehearsal. O did not go to guitar as she is recovering from a bit of the flu, and her teacher was having furnace trouble. We’ll resume guitar next week.

Earlier in the day, the girls practiced their lines for MacBeth together before their rehearsal at Homeschool Players on Friday.




BIAA Painting With Clay Class 2 of 4

Today we attended the second of four classes in this series at the Butler called “Painting With Clay”. Last week, the kids sketched designs in a large coloring-book style and then traced them onto cardboard pieces. This week, they have started “painting” them in with non-hardening modeling clay.

I was finally allowed to see O8’s drawing, which is of a rabbit and some carrots next to a pond.



Painting with clay

After class, we had lunch at the park with some friends, then headed over to Spanish class at 2 Bisous.

BIAA Painting With Clay Class 1 of 4

Today we attended our first art class for the fall season at the Butler. This series is called “Painting With Clay”. The students will draw a design, trace it onto a base board, and then use modeling clay (sculpey) to “paint” the design. Because they will be using clay, Mrs. George encouraged them to draw large, coloring-book-style pictures that could be easily filled with the bulky medium.


Both girls drew rabbits in their designs.  O8 said I was not allowed to see hers yet, but S10 was eager to show hers off.

Art class-painting with clay

Afterwards, we went to our first Spanish class at 2 Bisous, a new language studio that just opened a town over. The kids learned about Day of the Dead and the parts of the face in Spanish.

Spanish class