Soccer Week 5

Today we had our fifth soccer games of the season. Hard to believe that we’re more than halfway through… only three games left.

O8’s Green Dragons went first. They had a disappointing loss, 3-8. No one seemed to be on their game, not even the more advanced players. It was a beautiful, sunny day, so maybe it was too hot for running. This carried over to S10’s Black Panthers, who had a heartwreck of a game: 0-6. S10 let two goals right off the bat, including one that she really ought to have stopped. She was very broken up about it. It was a good lesson, though.

Better luck next week, girls!


Violin 9-25-14

Today O8 had her violin lesson with Miss Tina. She worked on Happy Farmer in Suzuki Book 2 and also started Bourrée. Miss Tina decided to start this before Waltz as she thought it might be less frustrating for our little violinist.

Later in the day, S10 had soccer practice. She had to run an extra lap around the field because she had a hand ball during last Saturday’s game. Oops!


Soccer Game 2

Today was the girls’ first game for the soccer season. The teams played over Labor Day weekend, too, but we were out at the fair showing rabbits and had to miss.

Both teams lost, unfortunately, but it was a beautiful day for soccer and the girls played well.

O8’s team, the Green Dragons, played first. O8 started at goalie – her least favorite and weakest position- and immediately allowed two goals. I was glad to see the coach let her stay in a little longer after the second one, so that she didn’t get the idea she could give up too easily. After that, she played forward for a bit and then defense the rest of the game. The final score was 4-6.

2014-09-06 11.05.53

2014-09-06 11.09.47

S10’s team played next. S10 also allowed 2 goals during her stint as goalie, but she had a string of catches and diving saves that were really spectacular. This is her first year playing on the big fields, which means the kids quickly learn to pass to avoid all the running. Final score on her game was 0-2.

2014-09-06 12.13.08

The best part was that Nana and Grandpa Jerry came out to see the games. They were in town for a family baptism. Also, the rain held off until we were getting into the van and driving away.  🙂


Last Soccer Game

Today the girls had their last game for the soccer season. Both teams lost. O7 didn’t seem to even notice, but S9 was so upset when her opponent shot their third point that she burst into tears and had to be walked off the field by her mates. Poor kid!

Anyway, it was a good season over all. The kids learned a lot and each received a trophy (ugh, don’t get me started) for their participation. The Tangerine Queens and the Blue Streak ended their season on high notes, even if neither team had a winning record.

Soccer Game 9

Today was the 9th game of the soccer season. Both girls played at the same time, fortunately at adjoining fields. I was able to wander between the two and catch snippets of each.

O7’s team tied their opponent, 2-2. They girls played as hard as they could on the wet grass (disadvantage of being the first game of the day!) O7 had a nice steal while she was playing offense.

S9’s team also tied, 3-3. S9 played goalie for most of the first half. She had a great diving catch and an assist.

Soccer Game 8

Today was the 8th game of the 10-game soccer season.

O7’s team played first. They won, 3-2, against a team that beat them pretty badly earlier in the season. We brought the snack for today’s game. Cheese, apples, oranges, and Fruitables. I was surprised at the generally positive reactions.

Next was S9’s team. They lost, but it was a good game. S9 had a couple of good saves on defense.