Random Drawings and Writings, O8, 2013/2014

These are recent written pieces O8 has done this year (early 2014). They are all spontaneous (not adult-directed in any way).


(“PR” stands for “Princess”, FYI!)

I was SO EXCITED to see this: O8 made a menu for playing restaurant. All by herself. This is a huge step for her!

The Court House Food Menu

Court House menu



Random Drawings and Writings, S9/S10

These are doodles, sketches and written pieces S9 has done this year (2013-2014). They are all spontaneous (not adult-directed in any way).






What follows is the story of “Carino, a Water Loving Jaguar Cub”:







Kalahari Day 5

Today was our last day at Kalahari.  It was hard to say goodbye, but it will also be nice to sleep in our own beds tonight.


We checked out at 11 and loaded the vans, then L & I let the girls burn up their arcade and gift cards.  We started in the arcade.  This year, the girls were old enough to go by themselves.  They used their own money to charge the arcade cards and my two shared a 40-credit card that we got for having lunch at the resort’s restaurant.  Periodically, they would pop in to the cafe where L & I waited, and showed off their tickets and prizes. I think it was a great confidence-booster for all of them, but especially the younger two (A9 and O8), who are both rather shy.



After the arcade, the kids took their $20 gift cards (they received those for hosting the Wild Imagination funshop) to the gift shop. S10 picked out a mermaid doll with matching purse; O8 chose a small stuffed cat. The balance was spent at the candy counter.

We stopped for lunch at Panera in Sandusky with L & A9, and made it home by 5:30. Goodbye til next May, Kalahari!

Holly the Bunny

Today, O8 asked me to help her start her own blog.   It seems like she has started to come out of her writing shell.  Until now, she has been pretty content to let her bigger (and very prolific) sister do all the pencil/pen/keyboard work.  I see her writing more and more in the kids’ play context, though.  She made a menu all on her own a week ago for a pretend restaurant, which was huge progress.  As her parent, it has been hard not pressing the issue and even harder to trust that she would write when she was ready to.  I’ll admit to breathing a small (but hopefully inaudible) sigh of relief.

So we set up a WordPress blog for her, which she is calling “Holly The Bunny”.  She plans to write mostly about her 4-H rabbit.  She took a picture of Holly with my phone for the header, and then we got another shot of Holly exploring in the sunroom to put into the first post.  I grabbed a screenshot to share here, since the blog is private.


Writing Sample, O8, March 2014

Today we hosted a playdate with a few friends.  The girls organized a “dance contest” and gave each other critiques.  I found them later that night and thought they would serve as a good writing sample.  This is completely spontaneous, with no adult direction or assistance.

O8’s critique of her friend, D:


O8’s critique of her sister:



The girls often help in the kitchen, but tonight S9 wanted to make cookies all by herself. She did everything, from getting out the ingredients to cleaning up (mostly).



She used our chocolate chip cooky recipe, since that is DH’s favorite kind of cooky.


O8 helped a bit, too.



She made a cookbook journal and wrote this recipe down in it for future reference.