ARBA Stark County Rabbit Show

Today, S12 and I went to the Stark County ARBA show. She has decided to take a doe and litter project this year for 4H, so we are beginning the process of finding her a doe bunny. We found several possibilities, but just as she made up her mind about one particular rabbit, we learned that it had already been sold. The breeder informed us that they had three other does at home, however, and that they would consider selling one to us since it was for 4H. We emailed her our contact info right then and there, and hope to see some pictures later this week.

O11 has started drawing more, sometimes with her computer/tablet and more often now with fine-point Sharpies. She’s really blossomed with her skill and has a great eye. Where S12 is good at coming up with her own unique pieces- drawing from her mind’s eye, if you will- O’s skill is in drawing what she sees. Both have come a long way from scribbles and stick figures.



Tonight, we attended mandatory 4H guidance meetings for both Poultry and Rabbit projects. The guidance meetings are for the County clubs (there are county clubs for each animal project that goes to fair) to present all pertinent info to families for the upcoming 4H year. It’s an administrative meeting, so kind of boring, but we got a lot of good info as this will be our first year taking a poultry project.

This year, in addition to our breed rabbit projects, S12 will be taking a rabbit doe and litter project (assuming we can find a mini rex black otter doe to mate with Umbreon, and that the mating is successful). And both girls are taking pullets, or a pair of hens 4-6 months of age at fair time. We are ordering Barred Rocks and Buff Orpingtons for our pullets. They should arrive mid-March.


Zoo School Wednesday

Today we attended Zoo School Wednesday at the Akron Zoo. The theme for this month was camouflage.

This is a photo of a screech owl, which uses concealing coloration.


The kids then created a scene with art pastels and an animal that blended in with the scene. They are intentionally stylized and geometric.





In the evening, they attended Hamlet/MacBeth rehearsal at the DGT.

CoOp Week 1 November, Mini Maker Faire

This morning we attended the week 1 CoOp session, and then headed to our local Barnes and Noble in the afternoon for a Mini Maker Faire.

Truthfully, the maker faire was a bit disappointing. It was really just a product expo for some STEM-related merchandise. The stuff was cool, and it was hands-on, but it felt really sales-pitchy and not very organic. The Maker Faire we attended at the Akron Public Library  was a lot more to our liking. But we still had fun trying out some of the products.

S11 designed some “Modern Pirate Attire”. I love her attention to detail, and emphasis on weaponry.


The kids also had a chance to try some mini robots that could follow a line drawn by a special pen, and sewed a pillow with fabric they printed from a computer image.


Minecraft Homeschool: This Amazing World Week 5

This was the last week of new material in MCHS, and we are all a little bummed that this session is coming to an end so soon. This week, the kids learned about the Northern Lights. Then they had to build an observatory with “northern lights” in the sky. Most kids opted for colored panes of glass; I think O8 used wool because she liked the colors more saturated. I have not grabbed the screenshot off her computer to verify that, however.

Sample shot from MCHS’ Facebook page:

this amazing world week 5

Next week the servers are open for the kids to visit any of the past weeks’ builds, or to play in the creative or PVP servers. O8 has learned a lot about Minecraft, the subjects she studied, and also about teamwork and cooperative play. This has been a very good experience for her and we are signing up for the next session as soon as it is available!

Minecraft Homeschool Week 4

This week on MCHS, the kids learned about Mount Erebus, the ice volcano in Antarctica.

The Learn It was actually a cool documentary done by a science writer who joined a team expedition to Erebus. They started in a little town in Australia, took a helicopter to Ross Island in Antarctica, and climbed the peak (mostly by helicopter, but still– cool.) The film was especially interesting because it talked about the conditions on the mountain that the team would encounter and the preparations they needed to make to do the trip. O8 seemed rather interested in the whole thing, which was nearly 20 minutes long (lengthy, by her standards).

After the quiz, she started on her build: an ice castle.

This is not her actual build, but it was posted on the MCHS Facebook page from this week’s class:

this amazing world week 4

Next week: Northern Lights.

Minecraft Homeschool: This Amazing World Week 2

This week on Minecraft Homeschool, O8 is learning about the Great Barrier Reef. For her Learn It assignment and quiz, she had to watch a video from National Geographic about reefs in general and the Great Barrier Reef itself. She scored 100% on her quiz, which has made her quite proud.

The Build It assignment was to make a section of reef using sponge (which, in Minecraft, opens a volume of air above it that the Player can survive in), dirt, sand (for cacti) and plants that would resemble individual polyps. There was also a Team Build where players were encouraged to connect their builds to make the Great Barrier Reef.

Screenshot from Week 2:

this amazing world week 2