Book Club 4-01-2016

Today we attended book club at our co-op. The kids read  The One and Only Ivan  and had a lively discussion, followed by a scavenger hunt.

I love that one of the kids is running the discussion. She’s brought some questions for the group to think about.


The scavenger hunt was fun and included items from the story (a mop, a drawing book, etc). To wrap up, they broke up into groups and were asked to create a billboard to attract customers to visit your new animal at your zoo. The rules were:

  • No more than six words on the billboard
  • There had to be a picture of the animal
  • Your billboard had to have a border of some kind
  • Your billboard had to depict what the animal ate

The four groups came up with some really unique animals and some very creative billboards. We extended the amount of time for this activity by nearly a half hour because they were really having fun with it. Just before lunch, they presented their billboard designs to the group at large.

History was in the afternoon and it included a lesson on England around the time of Richard the Lionhearted. They focused on Robin Hood and his legend, made a sample Magna Carta, and made little bows and arrows out of popsicle sticks.




CoOp Week 4 February

Today we had our regular Friday Co-Op. Sickness seems to have taken hold of the group, as nearly half the families were absent. But those who attended enjoyed working on History (Story of the World Book 2, Chapters 14-15). They learned about English history and built or drew castles out of a variety of materials.

After lunch, we attended the Homeschool Players at the Dublin Grange Theatre. The kids are working on a Dr. Seuss-ified version of “MacBeth”, which will be presented along with the Afterschool Players’ Seuss-ified version of “Hamlet”, in mid-March.


Homeschool Science Fair

Today we participated in our local homeschool group’s Second Annual Science Fair.

The fair began with the hostess, A, having all the kids make ice cream in a bag. They used rock salt and ice in a gallon-sized baggie with a smaller bag inside holding the ice cream mix. Then they got to enjoy their ice cream while the presenters went up in front of the group.



S10 did a project on crystal formations using a Borax supersolution.  Borax is dissolved in boiling water, which will dissolve a greater quantity of borax than warm or cool water will.  As the solution cools, the excess borax precipitates out and you can collect it on a pipe cleaner form.  These are the same “crystal kits” that she sold at the Kid’s Marketplace a few weeks ago.





O8 did a slightly more intensive project.  She wanted to know how fast her arrows go when they are shot from her bow.  We enlisted the help of my BIL, who has access to a high-speed test camera through work.  He did some films of her arrow shots and then helped her calculate its speed using the camera’s software.



Other projects included a solar oven:


testing whether gloop (a polymer substance) is a liquid or solid:


backyard bugs:


a fun and entertaining show by the “science magicians”:


training a cat and the usefulness of mucous (snot):


balancing act:


magnetism and backyard birds:


After the fair, we went to gymnastics and then S10 attended the gym’s practice for Sunday’s Intra Class Competition.