Dance 4-24-17

Today was our first day back to dance since we left for Florida at the beginning of April. It was tough getting back into the swing of things, but S12 had her ballet class and then both girls did jazz and tap. They are working on the numbers for the upcoming show in June.


Dance 2-27-17

Today the girls had their regular Monday evening dance classes. S12 is in Cecchetti Ballet II, then she and O11 are both in Jazz and Tap. They are starting to get ready for the end-of-year show, which will be in mid June. The studio just announced that this year’s production will be Mary Poppins. The studio does not do a full-on reproduction of the show, but rather centers all of its dances around that theme. In last year’s production of Tangled, for example, one of the numbers was to Halsey’s “Castle”. It will be interesting to see what music and dances they choose for this year.

Miscellaneous Monday

Mondays and Tuesdays are our most hectic days, because the girls and I all have to be in different places around town at about the same time or on overlapping schedules. Tonight, S11 went to dance at Kathi’s (her Cecchetti studio) while O10 went to Spanish at the library. Fortunately, they are only 10 minutes away from each other, so I dropped S off early and waited at the library with O until she was done. Then O and I picked S up from dance in New Middletown and drove out to Canfield for Hamlet rehearsal. O did not go to guitar as she is recovering from a bit of the flu, and her teacher was having furnace trouble. We’ll resume guitar next week.

Earlier in the day, the girls practiced their lines for MacBeth together before their rehearsal at Homeschool Players on Friday.



Dance Technique 2-27-16

This morning the girls both attended jazz dance technique class at the Stage Door. They are working on their number for the studio’s recital in June.

In the afternoon, S11 attended a birthday party for M14, a friend from co-op. He invited several other friends from co-op, mostly those in the chess club. We got him a chess t-shirt that had a graphic of the pieces with the tag line, “Choose Your Weapon!” It was fun to see the kids interact. The youngest was V10, with a range of ages in between her and M14. Both boys and girls were invited, which was very refreshing. I appreciate that homeschooling allows kids to be friends with a range of ages well before high school (and life) begins.



AfterSchool Players Rehearsal

Tonight S11 had contemporary dance at the Stage Door. I dropped her off there, ran O10 out the the Dublin Grange for Hamlet rehearsal, went back to get S11 from dance, and brought her to play practice. It was a lot of driving between Canfield and Poland, but we managed to get everyone to all the evening’s activities. We did not intend to be in the AfterSchool Players show (they are doing Hamlet, while the Homeschool Players are doing MacBeth),b but Miss Jen asked the girls to take on the roles of the Gravediggers as she was short a few cast members. They love doing plays with the DGT and, since they are small roles, it was not a huge undertaking. The shows are coming up on the third weekend of March.



CoOp Week 2 November

Today we attended our Friday co-op. On second Fridays, we have “funshops” in the morning session, where the kids take turns leading an activity on something that they are interested in. O9 and her friend, V, ran one on Rainbow Loom. We also donated a bin of LEGO for our friend N’s funshop, which went on at the same time. The kids had a ball with the funshops, and several wandered back and forth between both. After lunch, they had open time to either work on writing with Ms Eliza, jam with Z, or just play with some of the other kids. S11 played chess and checkers with a few of the others while O10 did some gymnastics demonstrations and helped a few younger kids work on their cartwheels and roundoffs.

Soccer Week 5

Today we had our fifth soccer games of the season. Hard to believe that we’re more than halfway through… only three games left.

O8’s Green Dragons went first. They had a disappointing loss, 3-8. No one seemed to be on their game, not even the more advanced players. It was a beautiful, sunny day, so maybe it was too hot for running. This carried over to S10’s Black Panthers, who had a heartwreck of a game: 0-6. S10 let two goals right off the bat, including one that she really ought to have stopped. She was very broken up about it. It was a good lesson, though.

Better luck next week, girls!