Soccer Game 2

Today was the girls’ first game for the soccer season. The teams played over Labor Day weekend, too, but we were out at the fair showing rabbits and had to miss.

Both teams lost, unfortunately, but it was a beautiful day for soccer and the girls played well.

O8’s team, the Green Dragons, played first. O8 started at goalie – her least favorite and weakest position- and immediately allowed two goals. I was glad to see the coach let her stay in a little longer after the second one, so that she didn’t get the idea she could give up too easily. After that, she played forward for a bit and then defense the rest of the game. The final score was 4-6.

2014-09-06 11.05.53

2014-09-06 11.09.47

S10’s team played next. S10 also allowed 2 goals during her stint as goalie, but she had a string of catches and diving saves that were really spectacular. This is her first year playing on the big fields, which means the kids quickly learn to pass to avoid all the running. Final score on her game was 0-2.

2014-09-06 12.13.08

The best part was that Nana and Grandpa Jerry came out to see the games. They were in town for a family baptism. Also, the rain held off until we were getting into the van and driving away.  🙂



Plaster Action Figures Class 3

Today was the 3rd of 4 classes in this series at the Butler, titled “Plaster Action Figures”.

In today’s class, the kids finished their 3-d backgrounds and applied plaster (via plaster-impregnated gauze) to their action figures.  We got a peek at their works-in-progress at the end.

O7 started to do a dog-walker, but changed to a cat and person (cat walker?) instead.


Her scene is a trail that runs past a house.


She made sure to point out the detail of the people inside the house’s upper windows.


Also, here is an artist at work in the park:


S9 made one of her almost-famous Kat Kits. Here is Princess, leader of the Kat Kits:


Princess’ cat:


Her uber cool urban background:


After class, we went to the park for a quick run around until lunchtime. Then we headed over to Chipotle with A and her mom, L, and met my friend G. We dined al fresco in the beautiful sunshine. G gave the girls each a bag full of Nancy Drew and Boxcar Children books. They each started one while we adults sat and talked.

Later, we went to gymnastics. O7 worked on back handsprings in her novice class. She can do one with a spotter. S9 worked on some forward moves during her floor time, and also tumble track and beam.

On Target Open House

Today we attended an open house at On Target Outfitters in Canfield. This is the same group that put on the summer archery camp that the girls attended in June. They recently purchased a new property and will be offering a variety of classes and leagues for all ages starting this fall.

We got to try out a variety of activities, including a long-range archery activity with pumpkin targets, an indoor archery station with animal targets, and a tomahawk throwing station. The kids also got to shoot a BB gun and do some fishing.

Here is S9 trying the blow gun:


O7 really liked the BB gun and was a very good shot with it.




They both liked the fishing a lot, too.



Soccer Game 8

Today was the 8th game of the 10-game soccer season.

O7’s team played first. They won, 3-2, against a team that beat them pretty badly earlier in the season. We brought the snack for today’s game. Cheese, apples, oranges, and Fruitables. I was surprised at the generally positive reactions.

Next was S9’s team. They lost, but it was a good game. S9 had a couple of good saves on defense.

Man vs. Wild Day 3

Today S9 attended the 3rd of four camps at On Target Outfitters.

The weather was pretty sketchy for much of the afternoon, so they stayed close to the pavilion and worked on a nature journal and made walking sticks. The nature journal is a publication of the Ohio Division of Wildlife and has some good resources that we may incorporate into our regular nature studies.



While S9 was at camp, O7 took her violin lesson. She worked on polishing May Song. Tina is going to videotape her playing it for her violin school website. We also worked more on Etude. She played the entire song through, and just needs to polish it more and memorize it. She has been listening to the CD version a lot in the car this week, and it really shows.