Girls’ Club: Polymer Clay

Today our Girls’ Club went to a Polymer Clay class at Three Sheep. The instructor, Jeanette, taught them how to make special beads using canes and polymer clay, which she fired and then helped the girls make into jewelry. They each made two pieces, one to keep and the other to donate to charity.



ARBA Stark County Rabbit Show

Today, S12 and I went to the Stark County ARBA show. She has decided to take a doe and litter project this year for 4H, so we are beginning the process of finding her a doe bunny. We found several possibilities, but just as she made up her mind about one particular rabbit, we learned that it had already been sold. The breeder informed us that they had three other does at home, however, and that they would consider selling one to us since it was for 4H. We emailed her our contact info right then and there, and hope to see some pictures later this week.

O11 has started drawing more, sometimes with her computer/tablet and more often now with fine-point Sharpies. She’s really blossomed with her skill and has a great eye. Where S12 is good at coming up with her own unique pieces- drawing from her mind’s eye, if you will- O’s skill is in drawing what she sees. Both have come a long way from scribbles and stick figures.

CoOp Week 1 November, Mini Maker Faire

This morning we attended the week 1 CoOp session, and then headed to our local Barnes and Noble in the afternoon for a Mini Maker Faire.

Truthfully, the maker faire was a bit disappointing. It was really just a product expo for some STEM-related merchandise. The stuff was cool, and it was hands-on, but it felt really sales-pitchy and not very organic. The Maker Faire we attended at the Akron Public Library  was a lot more to our liking. But we still had fun trying out some of the products.

S11 designed some “Modern Pirate Attire”. I love her attention to detail, and emphasis on weaponry.


The kids also had a chance to try some mini robots that could follow a line drawn by a special pen, and sewed a pillow with fabric they printed from a computer image.


Violin and Drawing Class 4 of 4

This week, because of spring break, we had violin on Monday instead of Tuesday.  Piano is on hiatus this week while Ms. Nelya is on vacation with her family.

S9 stayed home with DH while I took O8 to her lesson.  She worked in earnest on the first piece in Book 2, while still finishing Gavotte in Book 1.  She and Tina worked on the tonation exercise in the second book and started the Chorus from Judas Maccabeus.  We also put the CD in the van and listened to it.  The second book’s CD is neat in that it has tracks of the violin with piano accompaniment, then repeats the same pieces with just piano so the soloist can practice with the book (kind of like violin karaoke!)


In the afternoon, the nephews came over and went with us to take S9 to the last of her drawing classes.  She worked on adding color to the sketch she did last week.

Drawing class

While she was at class, we went over to the main library to explore.  The kids found a lot of cool nooks and kid-friendly spots in the stacks.  D10 was disappointed in the lack of Warriors books, but managed to find some other things of interest.  We explored the upper floors, the kids’ area, the bathrooms, and then checked out a few books apiece to read while we waited for S9.

Waiting and reading

American Pie Class 3 of 3

Today we finished up our “American Pie” art class at the Trumbull Butler Art Museum.  Our sculptures had two weeks to dry, and were ready for paint.

O6 worked on her slice of pizza and Olympic Rings first. We looked up a picture of the rings on my phone to make sure we had the correct colors.



Next, she painted her Seattle Space needle and the Saturn Five Rocket. I had to chuckle at the shade of purple she chose for the rocket, but the silver for the needle base was spot-on.


S8 worked very efficiently and was done in no time.


Her models were a little less detailed and didn’t have anywhere near the amount of overlap that O6 had, though.


I thought she did a good job on the Statue of Liberty. The daddy eagle is especially good, IMO.


Since we finished up early, Mrs. George let us paint or draw for a while. S8 chose to paint, and made a very interesting abstract piece:


O6 wanted to use the oil pastels. She ended up bringing this home to work on later:


Sadly, this is the last art class until the new year. We’ll make up for it with activities at home, though.

We left art class and headed down to Canfield for our violin group lesson. We were an hour early, so we stopped at Fair Park for a few minutes of blowing off steam. It was a really nice day to be outside.





The kids made friends with a little 2-year old boy named DJ, who followed them everywhere (so cute!) and a girl named Ciera, who was five or six.

But all too soon, it got dark and was time for us to go to violin. We went to group and practiced the Christmas piece for about 45 minutes at Tina’s.


Library Day

This morning O6 and I got up relatively early (7:30) and had breakfast. S8 slept in a bit, but we’re all a bit jet-lagged so I’m not pushing the sleep schedule much.  That gave me and O6 a chance to work on her math with some relative quiet, which was good.  She is a lesson behind S8 (who would have finished the entire practice book by now if I let her).   We worked through the daily lesson: number of the day, writing the date, working with the birthday graph, money, telling time, solving a pattern problem.  She did her worksheet side A with me, then I left her to do side B while I grabbed a shower.

S8 woke up shortly after. We did her math lesson, then I put dinner together and we headed out for the library.  It was a beautiful fall day, so we planned to walk up.  We went through the woods, which are still mostly green but definitely have a hint of color going on.

At the library, the kids each picked out 5 recreational reading books.  I found a Halloween craft book that looked really fun.


We checked out our books, then walked next door to the little Village Pantry store. I let the girls pick up a bag of sour apple-flavored hard candies. We also found some fall-shaped sprinkles for our inevitable ice cream treats.

Finally, we stopped in at Wittenauer’s for lunch. S8 got a PB&J panini, O6 had a cheese panini, and I had a turkey club. We all got treats for dessert: cookies for the girls and biscotti (mama cooky) for me.



Then we walked home via the road, through the church.



The girls worked on their Europe scrapbooks for a bit. This weekend we plan to get some photos printed so they can put them in their journals.