Romeo and Juliet: Restaurant Wars!

Today I got to see the girls in “Romeo & Juliet: Restaurant Wars!”- a spin on the Shakespearean classic tale. DH went to last night’s show, which was opening night and, from the sounds of it, a bit rough. Tonight’s show was really fantastic. O11 played Amy, Juliet’s BFF. S12 played Fryer Laurence, a chicken merchant.

Fryer Laurence
S12 as “Fryer Laurence”


This show was the final project for the homeschool theater class they’ve been doing since the fall. The class also included basic theater elements, set design and lighting, choreography, and improvisation. We will have one final class this term to celebrate the show and do a final Improv performance, possibly live-streaming online.


Book Club 4-01-2016

Today we attended book club at our co-op. The kids read  The One and Only Ivan  and had a lively discussion, followed by a scavenger hunt.

I love that one of the kids is running the discussion. She’s brought some questions for the group to think about.


The scavenger hunt was fun and included items from the story (a mop, a drawing book, etc). To wrap up, they broke up into groups and were asked to create a billboard to attract customers to visit your new animal at your zoo. The rules were:

  • No more than six words on the billboard
  • There had to be a picture of the animal
  • Your billboard had to have a border of some kind
  • Your billboard had to depict what the animal ate

The four groups came up with some really unique animals and some very creative billboards. We extended the amount of time for this activity by nearly a half hour because they were really having fun with it. Just before lunch, they presented their billboard designs to the group at large.

History was in the afternoon and it included a lesson on England around the time of Richard the Lionhearted. They focused on Robin Hood and his legend, made a sample Magna Carta, and made little bows and arrows out of popsicle sticks.




The girls performed in a play at the Dublin Grange Theatre this weekend. S11 played Pigeon, and O10 played Birdie in a rendition of Rumpelstiltskin. The play was excellent and they were very well-cast. Birdie is the serious, conscientious aunt of goofy Pigeon, who is about as bird-brained as they come.

In addition to performing in the show, S11 also did the artwork for the playbill, and the original painting was hung in the theatre.


Androcles and the Lion, Day 1

Today was the first rehearsal for Androcles and the Lion, The Musical.  The girls were a little uncertain when they went in, but their friend A9 was there and that helped a lot.  I had to leave to take my nephew home, which was probably a good thing.  O8 seems to have a little more confidence when I am not around.  In addition to being “Featured Dancers”, they each got a very small part.  Or parts, in S10’s case.  She has two non-speaking roles and a few quick lines.  O8 has three short lines: she has to pull on Caesar’s robe and say, “Pssst!  Excuse me, sir!”  I am happily surprised that she is excited about doing this.

ETA: S10 wrote a short blog post about her first day at camp:

Sam Blog 6-3-14

Theater Camp

Someone in our local homeschool group posted about a children’s summer theater program here in town.  The girls decided it would be fun to do the camp, and S10 even chose to audition for a part (the show is a musical, “Androcles and the Lion”.) She has been on stage before for dance and music, but this is the first time she’s auditioned for a role. We found out so late that we only had one day to prepare a song. She decided to do “In Summer” from Frozen.


The audition went well, and we signed both girls up to participate in the camp (O8 insists she does not want to be onstage, only “a helper” backstage.) We should find out later this week or over the weekend about the casting.

S10 also wrote a blog post about her experience:

Sam Blog 5-27-14

Little House in the Big Woods

For some reason, though I’ve read them all, I never remembered that Little House on the Prairie was not the first book in Laura Ingalls Wilder’s iconic series.   It’s actually the second book (unless you count Farmer Boy, in which case it’s the third book published).  Sheesh.  Good thing I am revisiting this beautiful and timeless series by reading it out loud with the kids.

Book 1

My sister gave the girls a box set of the Little House books for Christmas.  Since it’s cold and dark and wintry outside this time of year, it seemed like the perfect time to crack open the set and read them together.  We periodically do read-together chapter books, but the kids are such adept readers (and reading big chapter books, series of them, on their own already) that it’s becoming less common in our routine.  I was a little concerned that they would not be interested in having me read out loud to them, but as soon as the first few lines came out they were rapt and attentive.  We chugged through two chapters tonight, and would have kept going except I’ve got a sore throat and needed a break.  They are already begging to read more tomorrow night.
In other news, we did an extra math lesson today (Sunday). Since we plan to attend the week-long homeschool conference at Kalahari next month, I offered to do five extra lessons with the kids between now and then in exchange for leaving our math books behind when we go. They were pretty keen on that idea, natch!


S7 just finished reading Ramona Quimby, Age 8 by Beverly Cleary. She flew through this book in less than two days.

When she got to the end, S7 read the author biography. She discovered that Ms. Cleary was born in Oregon and wanted to know if it was near where we were earlier this summer. We found that McMinnville is just south of Portland and that we were very near there when we were visiting my aunt. We also looked up Beverly’s website and read a little about her life. S7 did not realize that she had also written The Mouse and the Motorcycle, so she had to go back and check her copy to see if Beverly’s name was on the cover (it was!)