Library Walk

Today we hiked up through the woods to the library. The girls carried their own books.

O7 carried her books in her backpack, but did not use the trail.

2013-07-20 15.16.17

S9 used the trail, but did not carry her books in her backpack.

2013-07-20 15.16.24


Exploring the Library

We go to the public library often, and the kids read a ton of books- so many, that I could never keep up with them all.  I try to list a representative sample on our Goodreads account.

Naturally, they have each developed an interest in certain titles and series.  Our local branch has an extensive collection of their favorites, but these voracious readers have devoured them all and still want more.  So, today we learned how to request copies from other Ohio libraries.  Each girl requested a book from Search Ohio.

library search

O7 requested one of the Flower Fairy books. S8 wanted to read the third novel in the Nancy Drew (classic) series. Her search was interesting, because she discovered that it was difficult to figure out which book was the third (they are not listed sequentially in the catalogue search). So she had to go talk with the librarian to figure out which one was next, and then she had to look for it on the shelf. (It’s The Bungalow Mystery, by the way.)  She found her Nancy Drew book at our branch, and then requested another book on Search Ohio.

Library Day

This morning O6 and I got up relatively early (7:30) and had breakfast. S8 slept in a bit, but we’re all a bit jet-lagged so I’m not pushing the sleep schedule much.  That gave me and O6 a chance to work on her math with some relative quiet, which was good.  She is a lesson behind S8 (who would have finished the entire practice book by now if I let her).   We worked through the daily lesson: number of the day, writing the date, working with the birthday graph, money, telling time, solving a pattern problem.  She did her worksheet side A with me, then I left her to do side B while I grabbed a shower.

S8 woke up shortly after. We did her math lesson, then I put dinner together and we headed out for the library.  It was a beautiful fall day, so we planned to walk up.  We went through the woods, which are still mostly green but definitely have a hint of color going on.

At the library, the kids each picked out 5 recreational reading books.  I found a Halloween craft book that looked really fun.


We checked out our books, then walked next door to the little Village Pantry store. I let the girls pick up a bag of sour apple-flavored hard candies. We also found some fall-shaped sprinkles for our inevitable ice cream treats.

Finally, we stopped in at Wittenauer’s for lunch. S8 got a PB&J panini, O6 had a cheese panini, and I had a turkey club. We all got treats for dessert: cookies for the girls and biscotti (mama cooky) for me.



Then we walked home via the road, through the church.



The girls worked on their Europe scrapbooks for a bit. This weekend we plan to get some photos printed so they can put them in their journals.