First Strawberries

We have a small strawberry patch on the side of our house.  The girls help care for it and eagerly await the very first strawberries each June.  We picked the first ripe ones today, which is pretty early.  Of course, we had our ceremonial First Berries Of The Season treat as a family.

Thanks to S10 for spotting and picking these.

First berries


Strawberry Harvest

Our strawberry harvest is in full swing now.  The girls go out to the garden every morning to check the plants and collect as many ripe berries as they can find.  They also have to harvest berries that have succumbed to bird, chipmunk or bug; those need to be removed and tossed into the yard or compost pile to prevent disease (and discourage additional pests from harvesting more!)

2013-06-03 12.34.03

Here is today’s harvest:

2013-05-29 12.07.21

2013-05-30 12.50.19

Strawberries and Other Garden Endeavors

One of our ongoing projects is the kids’ strawberry patch, and today we harvested the first strawberry of the season.

2013-05-26 12.02.17

Our ritual is to divide the first berry in fourths, and then each person in the family gets a piece. Here’s this year’s specimen:

2013-05-26 11.47.36

Meanwhile, we received a start of lamb’s ear from a friend a few weeks ago.  The girls and I wrapped it in a bag and carefully brought it home.  We found a spot in the part-shade garden and cleared out a new home for our new plant.  After a gentle planting and dutiful watering, it appears to have taken root.  This led to a great discussion about plant rooting habits and propagation.

2013-05-26 12.00.13