Intra-class Gymnastics Competition

Every year our gym holds an “Intraclass Competition”, designed to give kids in the recreational classes a chance to experience what a meet is like.  It also serves as a sort of recital for family and grandparents.  This is S10’s second year competing.  Last year she was new to the gym and was in the beginner category; this year, she’s advanced to Novice.  There were 6 girls in her bracket, and she competed in all events except Bars.

  • Beam: 2nd place
  • Vault: 1st place
  • Floor: 1st place
  • Trampoline: 4th place
  • Rope climb: 3rd place

The vault was the first award announced, and her first place ribbon was super-thrilling for our little spotlight-seeker.  😉


O8, who opted not to compete this year, was much more low-key.


The vault was interesting. They judged two jumps: the first one had the athlete run the track and use the springboard to land on the vault, then stop before doing a simple forward flip dismount; the other jump was onto a large mat and did not have a stop.



It was fun to watch the kids in such a supportive atmosphere. Everyone clapped for all the kids and congratulated each other.  Gotta flip, gotta fly, let’s go, OGI!












The coaches really made this a great event.


As did the athletes, of course.



And while it’s definitely not about the ribbons, S10 is very proud of her haul.

Gymnastics ribbons


Gymnastics Competition

Today S9 competed in our gym’s annual “Intra Class Competition”. This is a fun, low-key meet at the gym and gives the recreational classes a chance to see what a real meet is like.

S9 competed in all the events: Rope Climb, Vault, Floor, Beam, Bars, and Trampoline. She placed in each event, taking second in the rope climb and 3rd or 4th in the remaining events.

gym competition

2013-06-02 16.20.57

Gymnastics 5-22-13

Today we had gymnastics.


During the class, Coach Ronnie announced that there will be an annual “Inter Class Competition” next month, which- of course- S9 wanted to sign up for.  O7 refused, saying “I do not like competitions.  Period.”

S9 decided to go for floor, beam, vault & rope.  (Everything except trampoline, interestingly enough.)  The competition is on Sunday, June 2.  She will have one extra practice to go over the routines for floor, which the kids are learning in classes now.  She probably won’t have a chance to test for Novice level until after the competition is over, since the focus is now on the meet.