Great Chicago Fire

I confess to not remembering where I heard about the Graphic Library series, but it is definitely a worthwhile series for engaging a young independent reader.  Who doesn’t love great disasters in history, especially written as a graphic novel?!

In anticipation of our Chicago trip, we read the story of the Great Chicago Fire.  The kids really enjoyed the story.  Though they are currently reading un-illustrated novels, each of them liked the graphics, too.

Graphic Library “Disasters in History” series.

I found this on Amazon, used, for a very reasonable price.  It is a welcome addition to our library.


DuPage Children’s Museum

We visited the DuPage Children’s Museum about a year ago, the last time we visited my sister in Chicago. Today we returned for another visit. It was just as much fun as it was the last time. O7 and my nephew, J2, had a great time painting with water and playing with the ball ramps. We also checked out the water table:

2013-05-11 11.42.08

The kids experimented with the wind tunnel, made circuits, blew enormous bubbles (big enough to stand inside!), read books, and played Train Station with some other kids. It was a great day, and they definitely exercised their brains as well as their bodies.

Chicago Field Museum

We were in Chicago this weekend for a family event, and used our free sightseeing day to see one of the great US natural history collections around: The Chicago Field Museum.

The Chicago Field Museum had a new exhibit called “Creatures of Light”, which was all about bioluminescence. Not only did we learn about fireflies and glow worms, but also glowing moths, corals, plankton (dinoflagellates) and other creatures that either produced light (bioluminescent) or reflected light (phosphorescent). It was a great exhibit and well worth the extra $11. Our Carnegie membership gave us reciprocal admission to the rest of the Field, so that was pretty cool.  We also took in the 3-D move “Sue”, about the museum’s T-Rex exhibit and how she was discovered.

Field museum goodies

2013-05-10 13.01.36