Man vs. Wild Day 4

Today S9 attended the last of four “Man vs. Wild, Jr.” camps at On Target Outfitters.

The kids played another round of Capture the Flag, aka a team-building competition. They also went for a long hike, using their walking sticks, and did a scavenger hunt.


Man vs. Wild Day 3

Today S9 attended the 3rd of four camps at On Target Outfitters.

The weather was pretty sketchy for much of the afternoon, so they stayed close to the pavilion and worked on a nature journal and made walking sticks. The nature journal is a publication of the Ohio Division of Wildlife and has some good resources that we may incorporate into our regular nature studies.



While S9 was at camp, O7 took her violin lesson. She worked on polishing May Song. Tina is going to videotape her playing it for her violin school website. We also worked more on Etude. She played the entire song through, and just needs to polish it more and memorize it. She has been listening to the CD version a lot in the car this week, and it really shows.

Man vs. Wild Day 2

Today S9 attended the second of four “Man vs. Wild, Jr.” camps at On Target Outfitters.

For today’s camp, the kids were allowed to bring a locking-blade pocket knife. They used the knives to make wood shavings for starting camp fires. They learned how to build a fire and also how to be safe with it (don’t leave the fire unattended, build it in a ring or other contained area, etc.) Again, they split up into teams. S9’s team made a “heat trap” out of bark and were the first ones to have a successful fire- a challenge, since we have had a lot of rain lately.

Man vs. Wild Day 1

Today S9 attended the first of four “Man vs. Wild, Jr.” camps at On Target Outfitters. There is also a regular “Man vs. Wild” camp for older kids, and it involves an overnight campout.

The kids met from 1-4 pm at the Gibson Road camp and spent the afternoon building shelters. They built one out of tarps and rope, and they also built forts out of tree blowdown. There are about 2 dozen kids in the camp, so they split up into 3 teams for their projects.

While S9 was building shelters, O7 and I were foraging for raspberries. We went to Ellsworth Berry Farm and found two nice quarts’ worth of berries.





I have big intentions of making these into jam, but it’s more likely that the kids will eat them up first.

The little farm market does not have popsicles yet, since today was one of the first days for blueberry picking.

berry farm

Here are the blueberries, just about ready for picking.

blueberries ripening

O7 and I may come back for blueberries on Thursday, while S9 is at her last day of camp.

Archery Camp Day 4

Today was the last day of Archery camp at On Target Outfitters.

The last day of camp continued with more games. This time, pieces of paper were taped on the targets. Each had a different prize written on it: “Snickers Bar”, “Dog Tags”, “Gum”, etc. Each girl won a few prizes. S9 was particularly stoked to have won the dog tags. The kids kept shooting until all the prizes had been won. They both would like to come back for the intermediate class, now that they have the basics of shooting down.

Archery Camp Day 3

Today we had the third of 4 Archery classes at On Target Outfitters.

I dropped the girls off this morning and they spent the day shooting for candy. They played a game of Tic Tac Toe, with a 9-square grid taped off over each target. There was a balloon in each square. To get “credit” for the square, you had to pop the balloon and make your arrow stick in the target. If you got three arrows in line in any direction, you won the game. The winners received a prize of their choice of candies.

Archery Camp Day 2

Today was Day 2 of our 4-day Archery Camp at On Target Outfitters.

DH took the girls in to camp today. He enjoyed getting a chance to watch them shoot. They played a few games and kids competed against the counselors to see who hit the most shots out of six. O7 tied her match, and S9 won by 1 point.

After Archery camp, we went to music lessons. O7 went first and told Miss Tina all about her experience at Suzuki camp. She was very proud of herself and I was glad to see that she looked back on the experience so positively.

Next, we went to S9’s piano lesson. She worked more on tempo and is polishing a performance piece. There is a chance we will have a little recital sometime this summer, and that she might be able to play for it.