BIAA Animation Class 1 of 4

Today we started a new session of art classes at the Butler. They are working on stop-motion animation, something the girls really enjoy playing around with. They spent today planning their animation and learning the iPad software that they’ll be using for their projects.

ARBA Stark County Rabbit Show

Today, S12 and I went to the Stark County ARBA show. She has decided to take a doe and litter project this year for 4H, so we are beginning the process of finding her a doe bunny. We found several possibilities, but just as she made up her mind about one particular rabbit, we learned that it had already been sold. The breeder informed us that they had three other does at home, however, and that they would consider selling one to us since it was for 4H. We emailed her our contact info right then and there, and hope to see some pictures later this week.

O11 has started drawing more, sometimes with her computer/tablet and more often now with fine-point Sharpies. She’s really blossomed with her skill and has a great eye. Where S12 is good at coming up with her own unique pieces- drawing from her mind’s eye, if you will- O’s skill is in drawing what she sees. Both have come a long way from scribbles and stick figures.

Art Class 4 of 4

Today was the final class of our Clay Memory Box series. The kids finished painting their creations and wrote letters to their future selves to put inside.

S12’s finished Pokeball:


The letter she wrote to her future self:



She also made a second clay creation, in case the first one gives you a headache.



O11’s project is a narwhal. With a top hat. The hat is where the “box” opens up, and the narwhal body has a cavity for storing treasures. She has to finish painting the underside, but needed to let the top dry first. She’ll finish it up next week.


In the afternoon, we worked on Valentine boxes for our homeschool group’s party next week.


The girls performed in a play at the Dublin Grange Theatre this weekend. S11 played Pigeon, and O10 played Birdie in a rendition of Rumpelstiltskin. The play was excellent and they were very well-cast. Birdie is the serious, conscientious aunt of goofy Pigeon, who is about as bird-brained as they come.

In addition to performing in the show, S11 also did the artwork for the playbill, and the original painting was hung in the theatre.