Dance 4-27-17

Today we spent some time working outside and taking care of our chickens and bunnies. Our 4H books are also in at the extension office, so we’ll have to stop next time we’re on that side of town to pick them up.

In the afternoon, the girls went to their regular Thursday Hip Hop class, then S13 stayed for jazz line. We are also starting to get ready for our annual unschoolers event, which is just over two weeks from now.

ARBA Stark County Rabbit Show

Today, S12 and I went to the Stark County ARBA show. She has decided to take a doe and litter project this year for 4H, so we are beginning the process of finding her a doe bunny. We found several possibilities, but just as she made up her mind about one particular rabbit, we learned that it had already been sold. The breeder informed us that they had three other does at home, however, and that they would consider selling one to us since it was for 4H. We emailed her our contact info right then and there, and hope to see some pictures later this week.

O11 has started drawing more, sometimes with her computer/tablet and more often now with fine-point Sharpies. She’s really blossomed with her skill and has a great eye. Where S12 is good at coming up with her own unique pieces- drawing from her mind’s eye, if you will- O’s skill is in drawing what she sees. Both have come a long way from scribbles and stick figures.


Tonight, we attended mandatory 4H guidance meetings for both Poultry and Rabbit projects. The guidance meetings are for the County clubs (there are county clubs for each animal project that goes to fair) to present all pertinent info to families for the upcoming 4H year. It’s an administrative meeting, so kind of boring, but we got a lot of good info as this will be our first year taking a poultry project.

This year, in addition to our breed rabbit projects, S12 will be taking a rabbit doe and litter project (assuming we can find a mini rex black otter doe to mate with Umbreon, and that the mating is successful). And both girls are taking pullets, or a pair of hens 4-6 months of age at fair time. We are ordering Barred Rocks and Buff Orpingtons for our pullets. They should arrive mid-March.


S10’s New Bunny

Today we drove up to Meadville to visit a rabbitry, so that S10 could get a new bunny for 4H. Bullseye, who turned out to be a lot older than we thought, passed away April 26.

The rabbitry is run by a 4H leader and she was very pleased to hear that was why we were looking for a bunny. S10 looked at several mini Rexes and a few mini Lops. It was a very hard decision.

We almost went home with this little fellow:


But then we spotted a cage of black mini Rex, and one was a doe (our preference).

O8, meanwhile, fell in love with a cat named Lucy. I would have taken Lucy home if we could. She was a super nice cat.


In the end, we purchased this little cutie for $15. We are still thinking of a name for her.


4-H Fundraiser

Today our 4-H club hosted a fundraiser at the local Tractor Supply Company store.  They let us work a tent in the parking lot selling hot dogs and chips and a bake sale.  Two kids brought their rabbit to show anyone interested.  While the kids were waiting for customers, they practiced their breed identification flashcards.  I am impressed with how many breeds the girls are able to pick out after only a few sessions of identification practice.

We also started looking in earnest for a new bunny for S10.