About Our KV School & Blog

We are a homeschooling/unschooling family of four, living and learning in the U.S.  We created this blog to keep track of the interesting things we have done and also to share our experiences with friends and family.

For Portfolio Evaluation Purposes:

This blog is not an exhaustive record of all activities.  We have a regular weekly schedule of music lessons, art classes, gymnastics classes, and monthly history, science and literature sessions.  We take a ton of field trips. The kids are very involved in day-to-day activities (grocery shopping, gardening, cooking, etc).  They keep rabbits for 4H.  They also enjoy reading, drawing, writing stories, and playing with LEGO.

I try to keep up on here with what we are doing, but to be honest, it’s nearly impossible! For example, here is the pile of papers I’ve collected in the past month and have yet to blog/catalogue/file:

To do pile

In addition to the posts in this blog, which are sporadic updates, our family views education as a lifestyle.  As such, we don’t adopt grade levels or school years the way traditional schools do.  We do not typically use formal curriculae or do regular pencil-to-paper “lessons”.  We do believe in a whole-learning approach, usually with multiple “subject areas” touched on simultaneously.  Our learning is child-led and interest-driven.  I do try to present the kids with opportunities to explore things they might not come up with otherwise, either by having interesting materials available or by taking field trips or outside classes as I find out about them.  For example, the kids have subscriptions to Muse (S10) and Ask (O8) magazines, which offer fascinating themes each issue – many times spurring additional reading or research.  We are learning Italian as a family through an audio program.  We belong to a local homeschool group and participate in a children’s book club.  We take advantage of the Carnegie Museums, the Great Lakes Science Center, the Akron Zoo, and the myriad other great local and regional attractions and programs available to homeschoolers and the public alike.



3 thoughts on “About Our KV School & Blog

  1. Wow, how nice. It looks like all of your work and planning is finally coming to fruition. Good for you and great for S&O.


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