Book Club 4-01-2016

Today we attended book club at our co-op. The kids read  The One and Only Ivan  and had a lively discussion, followed by a scavenger hunt.

I love that one of the kids is running the discussion. She’s brought some questions for the group to think about.


The scavenger hunt was fun and included items from the story (a mop, a drawing book, etc). To wrap up, they broke up into groups and were asked to create a billboard to attract customers to visit your new animal at your zoo. The rules were:

  • No more than six words on the billboard
  • There had to be a picture of the animal
  • Your billboard had to have a border of some kind
  • Your billboard had to depict what the animal ate

The four groups came up with some really unique animals and some very creative billboards. We extended the amount of time for this activity by nearly a half hour because they were really having fun with it. Just before lunch, they presented their billboard designs to the group at large.

History was in the afternoon and it included a lesson on England around the time of Richard the Lionhearted. They focused on Robin Hood and his legend, made a sample Magna Carta, and made little bows and arrows out of popsicle sticks.





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