A Spirit Of Giving Christmas Show

Today the girls participated in their dance studio’s Christmas show, “A Spirit of Giving”.

The show was originally supposed to be held at Struthers Middle School, but Struthers won their basketball division and had playoff games that would conflict with our show date, so the studio had to pick an alternate venue at quite the last minute.


Our alternate venue ended up being smaller, older, and not very well-equipped. There were a number of sound and lighting problems. The stage was not as wide or deep, and the opening number ended up squished into the back and side curtains. O9 was indignant as she was one of the dancers elbowed out of the spotlight.

In spite of the technical issues, the show was a good experience for the kids to do. They worked hard to rehearse and we enjoyed seeing them on the stage. O9 was in the opening number and a jazz routine, while S11 was in the opening number plus ballet and jazz numbers. S11 seems to have re-kindled her passion for dance and wants to do even more ballet, and possibly modern.



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