Minecraft Homeschool Week 4

This week on MCHS, the kids learned about Mount Erebus, the ice volcano in Antarctica.

The Learn It was actually a cool documentary done by a science writer who joined a team expedition to Erebus. They started in a little town in Australia, took a helicopter to Ross Island in Antarctica, and climbed the peak (mostly by helicopter, but still– cool.) The film was especially interesting because it talked about the conditions on the mountain that the team would encounter and the preparations they needed to make to do the trip. O8 seemed rather interested in the whole thing, which was nearly 20 minutes long (lengthy, by her standards).

After the quiz, she started on her build: an ice castle.

This is not her actual build, but it was posted on the MCHS Facebook page from this week’s class:

this amazing world week 4

Next week: Northern Lights.



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