Piano 9-26-14

Today S10 and I had our regular piano lesson in Canfield. We decided to switch to Fridays since that would give us Monday and Tuesday completely open. I would rather have Fridays open, but with gym on Friday evening anyway it makes more sense this way.

S10 is almost finished with her second set of books. She started using a supplemental book called Fingerpower to improve her dexterity and build strength. She is working on a new performance piece and also played a duet with Nelya called “The Old Castle”, which has a spooky feel to it. She likes playing duets. We also discussed the possibility of a piano-violin-cello trio at Federation next March.

I went next. I worked on two pieces from a new book called Accent on Classical. There are two selections that I am considering doing for Federation, if I am able to participate. (The National Federation of Music Clubs has an “adult” student category, open to non-professional adult students, but our local Club has never had any adult participants. Tina and Nelya are working to see if I am able to open the category.) Anyway, the two selections are “Barcarolle” and “Homage to Chopin”, both of which I love and would enjoy learning by memory. I am also polishing the fifth and sixth variations on “Nel cor piu non mi sento” (Beethoven). I can finally play the sixth through, but it is very rough and has a couple of tricky parts that memorization will definitely help iron out. I also started B-flat major scales & arpeggios.

In the evening, S10 went to gym. O8, who was up sick much of the night before, skipped this week and actually fell asleep in the van instead.



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