Music 6-3-14

Today we attended our regular music lessons in Canfield.

We went to piano first, as violin is now on “summer schedule” and is in the afternoons instead of mornings.  It was nice to get to sleep in a little bit.  😉

At piano, S10 worked on her pieces for the recital we are hosting Sunday.  She and I are going to play piano, along with A9.  O8 is going to play violin and T8, Nelya’s son, may also do a violin piece.  He has just started playing so she’s not yet sure if he is up to performing.  It will be here at our house with a barbecue afterwards.  The families and teachers are coming and will be a nice, casual affair.

S10, Nelya and I decided together that S10 should not perform “Let It Go” at the recital.  She really can’t even play it through yet, which is largely due to the fact that it’s a difficult song for her level and she hasn’t been playing it for very long.  She is disappointed, but agreed that it would be better to hold off and play it once she has polished it.  That said, it is coming along and she should be able to play it by the end of summer if she practices.

She will perform three pieces: “Race Car Rag”, “Ode To Joy”, and “Home on the Range”.

My turn was next.  I played the C# Major scales and arpeggios.  I will do the dominant 7th arpeggios for next lesson and begin D# minor scales.  I also played through the Beethoven Variations parts 1-5.  Var 1 & 2 (the technical pieces) need to be practiced at a very slow and even tempo to get the timing even.  I also need to work on Var 3 & 4.  Finally, I played my recital piece, the Mozart Fantasie in D minor.  I love this piece.  I have been working on it for six months (it’s hard to learn new pieces when you’re my age!).  It is finally memorized and I generally play it through without any major mistakes.  The alberti section still gives me timing trouble, but it is going to be okay for this small recital.

We stopped by Young Historians next and picked up the materials for the Greece unit that we missed.  The class was cancelled, but we were at Kalahari during the rescheduled time.  We’ll be at Space Camp during the other possible make up time.  Summer is supposed to be relaxing, but our calendar is jam-packed all of a sudden!  We will go over Greece together over the next few weeks.  I am excited to see what Ms. Laura plans for the next Young Historians club.

In the afternoon, we went to O8’s lesson.  She was having a hard time focusing, so I went outside with S10.  It sounded like she and Tina worked on the Maccabeus Chorus.  I think they plan to play it as a duet on Sunday.  She also brushed up on Etude and the Minuets.  Her recital pieces are “Chorus” and “Minuet 3”.

Later, we stopped at Papa’s farm.  The girls helped him move the sheep away from the road.  We also got a tour of his garden.  They noted that, while his strawberry patch was a lot bigger than ours, he didn’t have a single red berry yet.  😉



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