Androcles and the Lion, Day 1

Today was the first rehearsal for Androcles and the Lion, The Musical.  The girls were a little uncertain when they went in, but their friend A9 was there and that helped a lot.  I had to leave to take my nephew home, which was probably a good thing.  O8 seems to have a little more confidence when I am not around.  In addition to being “Featured Dancers”, they each got a very small part.  Or parts, in S10’s case.  She has two non-speaking roles and a few quick lines.  O8 has three short lines: she has to pull on Caesar’s robe and say, “Pssst!  Excuse me, sir!”  I am happily surprised that she is excited about doing this.

ETA: S10 wrote a short blog post about her first day at camp:

Sam Blog 6-3-14



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