S10 Writing Sample

S10 has changed her blog title and format, and deleted all of her old entries in the process. I think this was intentional, so I’m going to cut and paste her new blog’s first post for posterity’s sake.  The new blog is called “WLCOME 2 MY DIARY” (sic) and replaces “Lego Stephanie”.  There may also have been an interim post/title in there.  Her blog is private until she reaches 50 posts, which is why I’m copying it here for reference.


Hello Kitty friends!

I am extra bored now, as the title says. I decided to go and just post something. I am so bored that it’s getting contagious! My sister is getting boredeitis (bored-ee-itis). I thought typing away on my blog might give me SOMETHING to do, at least. Maybe posting a picture of my newest bunny will be partly a cure!


Here she is! Isn’t she a cutie? She’s only 12 weeks old! Her name is Ebunny (pronounced Ebony). I thought you would like it! Now, I think you should see my sister’s bun!


Introducing Holly! She is a dutch doe(girl). She also is 10 months old, very energetic. Isn’t she cute, too!?

Bye for now!

Kara Kitty



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