Kalahari Day 5

Today was our last day at Kalahari.  It was hard to say goodbye, but it will also be nice to sleep in our own beds tonight.


We checked out at 11 and loaded the vans, then L & I let the girls burn up their arcade and gift cards.  We started in the arcade.  This year, the girls were old enough to go by themselves.  They used their own money to charge the arcade cards and my two shared a 40-credit card that we got for having lunch at the resort’s restaurant.  Periodically, they would pop in to the cafe where L & I waited, and showed off their tickets and prizes. I think it was a great confidence-booster for all of them, but especially the younger two (A9 and O8), who are both rather shy.



After the arcade, the kids took their $20 gift cards (they received those for hosting the Wild Imagination funshop) to the gift shop. S10 picked out a mermaid doll with matching purse; O8 chose a small stuffed cat. The balance was spent at the candy counter.

We stopped for lunch at Panera in Sandusky with L & A9, and made it home by 5:30. Goodbye til next May, Kalahari!



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