Kalahari Day 4

Today was Thursday of our week at Kalahari.  We are here for the annual Unschoolers Waterpark Gathering.

This morning, the girls hosted an art funshop that we called “Wild Imagination”.  We collected magazines and other collage materials for this funshop.  We also brought scissors, glue, glitter, paper, and a box of odds and ends for kids to collage with.  Our funshop coincided with the Nerf war, so it didn’t have as good a turnout as last year.  But it was still a lot of fun.



We had about four active collage tables plus an impromptu Nerf range at the back of the room.


After the funshop ended and we collected our supplies, we headed back to the room. O8 and I decided to give the waterpark one last go, while S10 and A9 stayed in the room with L and worked on Minecraft projects.

Here is the sign S10 and O8 made for our door:


My favorite bit:


(Yes, we are, S10. Yes, we are.)

After O8 and I got dressed, we all headed down to the Reserve for dinner. The kids dropped off their Fairy Good Parent gifts on the way.


Speaking of Fairy Good Parents, O8 received quite a few gifts this week from her secret person.


After dinner, we headed back downstairs for the talent show. A9 and S10 each performed a dance. A9’s was to a Minecraft parody of “Let It Go” (from Frozen) called “Glowstone”. S10 did an extemporaneous dance to “Counting Stars”.

We headed back up to the room after the talent show and made a late night snack of stovetop popcorn.


Then we packed a few things in anticipation of leaving tomorrow. Sad face.



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