Kalahari Day 1

Today was our first full day at Kalahari.  We are here for the 7th Annual Unschoolers Waterpark Gathering.  This is our fourth year attending this super fun event.

We spent most of the morning at the waterpark.  The girls are both tall enough to ride all the slides, and we pretty much did just that.  In the afternoon, we headed back to the room and had lunch.  Then we went down to the convention center to register, sign up for the Fairy Good Parent game, and volunteer some time.  The kids did a lot of twirls and cartwheels in the open space.


They also dressed up for the occasion.


I attended the opening speaker (Ken Briggs) while the kids played Zombie Tag in the corridors. Good thing we have the whole convention center to ourselves.

After the speaker, we divided up into groups based on the color of our nametag’s lanyard. Ours was black. We had to make a duct tape sculpture with the rest of our team. The black team made a toothy pointy-eared wolf cat thing.



Later, we went to the family fun night. O8 made a friend, Trinity, who came all the way from Georgia.


They were fast friends the whole night (eta: the whole week).

Finally, around 10PM, our roommates arrived. L and A9 were sharing the adjoining hotel room next to our kitchen suite. We were very excited to see them and “helped” them unpack.


Needless to say, it was rather late when everyone finally fell asleep.



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