Music 4-29-14

Today we had our regular music lessons in Canfield.

At violin, O8 worked on her new Book 2 pieces: the Chorus, which she started on a few weeks ago, and a new piece: Musette.  Miss Tina also showed her how she could play some of the music from Frozen.  S10 received the sheet music for her birthday and it is, apparently, not difficult to play it on violin.  Also apparently: we are not the first students to express an interest in learning the music.  Miss Tina had a copy of the piano music in the studio because another student is also working on it.

At piano, S10 showed Miss Nelya her Frozen book and they worked a bit on Let It Go.  Then they worked on her regular repertory and technique books.

In my lesson, I played the B major scales, 2-octave scale, & arpeggios; then we worked on the Beethoven Variations piece.  I am polishing the theme and first two variations, which are technical, and working on bringing out the voices in the third variation.  We next worked on the Mozart Fantasy.  The allegretto section is still giving me some trouble.  I also need to work on rhythm throughout.

We discussed hosting a private recital for me and the girls, plus their friend A, sometime this spring at our house.  Nelya is on board, so I just need to talk with Tina and A’s mother to see if they would be interested.



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