Violin and Drawing Class 4 of 4

This week, because of spring break, we had violin on Monday instead of Tuesday.  Piano is on hiatus this week while Ms. Nelya is on vacation with her family.

S9 stayed home with DH while I took O8 to her lesson.  She worked in earnest on the first piece in Book 2, while still finishing Gavotte in Book 1.  She and Tina worked on the tonation exercise in the second book and started the Chorus from Judas Maccabeus.  We also put the CD in the van and listened to it.  The second book’s CD is neat in that it has tracks of the violin with piano accompaniment, then repeats the same pieces with just piano so the soloist can practice with the book (kind of like violin karaoke!)


In the afternoon, the nephews came over and went with us to take S9 to the last of her drawing classes.  She worked on adding color to the sketch she did last week.

Drawing class

While she was at class, we went over to the main library to explore.  The kids found a lot of cool nooks and kid-friendly spots in the stacks.  D10 was disappointed in the lack of Warriors books, but managed to find some other things of interest.  We explored the upper floors, the kids’ area, the bathrooms, and then checked out a few books apiece to read while we waited for S9.

Waiting and reading



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