Holly the Bunny

Today, O8 asked me to help her start her own blog.   It seems like she has started to come out of her writing shell.  Until now, she has been pretty content to let her bigger (and very prolific) sister do all the pencil/pen/keyboard work.  I see her writing more and more in the kids’ play context, though.  She made a menu all on her own a week ago for a pretend restaurant, which was huge progress.  As her parent, it has been hard not pressing the issue and even harder to trust that she would write when she was ready to.  I’ll admit to breathing a small (but hopefully inaudible) sigh of relief.

So we set up a WordPress blog for her, which she is calling “Holly The Bunny”.  She plans to write mostly about her 4-H rabbit.  She took a picture of Holly with my phone for the header, and then we got another shot of Holly exploring in the sunroom to put into the first post.  I grabbed a screenshot to share here, since the blog is private.




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