Today, we went to our first ARBA rabbit show.  It was held in Akron at the Summit county fairgrounds.  We spent some time walking around and looking at the different breeds.  The girls spotted several fuzzy lops, a breeder with a lot of mini Rex, some cute hollands, and Flemish giants (which are a little creepy, according to S9).  We talked to the mini Rex guy.  We watched some of the judging.  We also saw a dealer who makes travel carriers and cages.

We went through almost the entire show before we spotted a breeder with adorable Dutch rabbits.  She showed us a cage with three that were for sale by her 4-H niece.   O8 was smitten with one in particular.  We decided to get pancakes and talk it over.

At breakfast, O8 decided she wanted to get the Dutch female.  She solemnly promised to care for her and do what she needed for her 4-H project.  We went back to talk to the dealer, and settled on a price of $35 (I can’t believe we paid that much for her, either).  Our travel cage was in the van, so we went out to get it.  A few minutes later, the girls and I headed out with our new bunny.


On the way home, we stopped at Tractor Supply and bought a cage.  It turned out to be a horribly cheap, flimsy, poorly-designed travesty, so we packed it back up and went to PetsMart instead.  There, we bought a ridiculously-overpriced but much better quality rabbit suite.  O8 helped me put it together.  Soon, Holly had her penthouse assembled and was introduced to her new home in our kitchen.

Holly's new house



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