Just Drawing Class 2 and Young Historians

Today we attended class 2 of 4 in the Just Drawing series at the BIAA.  The students are working on creating a William Wegman-esque piece, using the pencil-sketched dog head they made last week.  This week, they created a body in pastels to go with the head sketch.

S9 made a tap-dancing-fairy-princess-veterinarian (a la Lemony Snicket’s character, Carmelita Spats); she cracked herself up over the reference.  (Actually, she says it’s just a fairy ballerina.)


O8 made a dancer, but a more serious one.  (Well, as serious a dancer as one can make when it’s got a dog head.) She took a lot of time shading in the arm with pastels.



After a quick lunch, we went over to the Bond House for Young Historians.  This month, the group studied Central America.  They made faux sopapillas (using crescent roll dough) and painted ceramic pigs, though I’m not sure what that was for.  They also did some weaving with yarn on a handmade loom.  They were so fascinated with the weaving that they brought their pieces home and finished them right away.






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