Book Club, April 2014 Edition

Today we attended our homeschool group’s monthly Book Club meeting.

The Club has evolved from a traditional, “everyone-reads-the-book-of-the-month” arrangement to an eclectic literary show and tell.  Each child reads a book (or books) of his choosing and then tells about it at the following month’s meeting.  This is a great arrangement because it takes all the kids’ reading levels and interests into account, gives them a chance to present something to the group at large, and also lets them hear about books other kids are reading.  I noticed several kids pairing off to ask privately about specific titles after show and tell.  O8 showed one friend her Geronimo Stilton books; he had always passed them by at the library because of their cartoonish covers, but her enthusiasm for Geronimo seemed to have won him over– or at least warranted a second look.

The older kids are keeping track of all the pages each club member has read, and have set a goal of a billion pages.  (Aim high.)   I did not hear the running total, but we had well over 10,000 pages this month, and several families were not at today’s meeting.

S9 presented three books: Lexi’s Tale, which she described in depth, plus Callie’s Rules and Midsummer Mixup, which I think she grabbed off the top of the library pile.  We counted over 1200 pages but she had significantly more than that.  O8 brought six books to show, but only talked about The Girl Who Could Fly.  She had 975 pages for the month just with those 6 books, also a hugely conservative number.



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