We haven’t received our official scores yet, but Ms. Tina texted today to say that both girls earned a Superior rating on their theory tests at Federation yesterday. She also reported that O8 got Unanimous Superior on her violin solo. I am so proud of her. (I also owe her $20 and another trip to Menchie’s.) We should get S9’s piano solo rating on Tuesday. She said that she missed a glaring note, but otherwise thought she did okay.

This afternoon, we attended the Ballet Excel Ohio production of Beauty and The Beast with some of our old playgroup alumni. This is either the third or fourth year that a group of us has seen the spring Ballet at the Civic Theatre in Akron.



As usual, the ballet company did a wonderful job and we enjoyed ourselves immensely. We wrapped up our outing with dinner at Salsita’s, after deciding Luigi’s was just not worth waiting in the cold for a space in the foyer to open up, let alone a table.



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