Federation and Art Class

Today we attended the Ohio Federation of Music Clubs Dana Festival at YSU.  We started the morning off bright and early at 7:30 AM, with a written theory test.  O8 did level 1 and S9, who took the theory test last year, did level 3.  The test is only 10 questions and, at the primary levels, involves identifying music terminology, beginning notation, and rhythmic values.  Both girls finished quickly, and we headed upstairs to find the rooms for our solo auditions.

Our friend, A9, tagged along with us since her mom was volunteering as one of the room monitors.  We found our respective rooms, then snagged a practice room so each of the girls could run through their pieces.  Then we headed over to O8’s room, since she was performing first (8:40AM!)

Ms. Tina came over right before we were to go in and helped tune O’s violin.  Then, she and I were called into the room, where we played Minuet I and then Etude.  I was very nervous, but managed to stay focused by reminding myself that it was O8 the judges were listening to.  I had to play evenly and smoothly- and in the background- so she could shine.  And shine she did.  I almost cried when we played the final chord of Etude.  She played so beautifully and confidently.  She gave a little bow and one of the judges mentioned aloud that she had a wonderful tone.  We thanked them and went out to wait for our music.  Then we walked down the hall to where S9 and A9 would be playing their piano solos.

S9 was at 9:05, and we checked in with her room monitor and also with A9’s, in case they were running ahead (they were).  Even though A9 was supposed to play at 9:20, both girls played at practically the same time.  They both looked confident and happy afterwards, although S9 mentioned that she played a wrong note in the Pyramid Power piece.

We walked A9 over to the room where her mom was volunteering, and headed to change clothes before art.  Since we had a few minutes, we stopped for bagels at Kravitz, then went back to the Butler for the second of four animation classes.


S9 got to do her animation on the iPad while O8 worked on a life-sized cardboard monster painting.

o8 monsters on parade sketch

Next week, O8 will work on her animation and S9 will start her cardboard monster.

Here is S9’s cardboard sketch, which she will paint next week.

S9 monsters on parade sketch



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