Violin 3-13-2014

I hope I did not jinx matters by reporting O8’s wonderful recital performance last Saturday.  Today she went to her weekly violin lesson (postponed from Tuesday) and it was horrible.

She reluctantly played through Minuet and Etude, but got annoyed with herself when she lost her place in the second piece, and then got annoyed with Miss Tina when Tina asked her to work through that spot a few times.   She finally played the troublesome measure through the requested five times, but only pizzicato; then, she refused to play it arco with the piano.  Just when I thought she was going to go for it, the next student came in and she completely shut down.  She hid behind me and wouldn’t even look at anyone.  My mommy-radar could sense that at least some of this display was manipulation, so I calmly thanked Tina for her time and said we would work on it later at home.  And that was that.

In good news, she and S9 each tried their practice tests for the theory exam, and each scored a 100%.




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