Music Recital

Today we three girls (S9, O8 and I) performed in the Warren Music Club’s annual recital. This concert is held every year the week before the Ohio Federation of Music Club’s Festival. It gives the kids a chance to perform their pieces and get any bugs (or jitters) out before their auditions.

Performers in Spring Recital


O8 was the second performance of the day, right after her friend, A9. I was her accompanist on piano and we performed Minuet I, then Etude. She did very well, only stumbling on one measure in the Minuet. It was a breakthrough for O8, though, who has had a terrible run with anxiety and not wanting to play in front of anyone (including her teacher). She only agreed to do Federation when it was confirmed that I could do the piano accompaniment, and only agreed to the recital Sunday at her lesson the previous Tuesday. Miraculously, she asked Thursday night to play for her grandpa when he stopped over. Then she asked to play for some family who visited on Saturday. Now she is unstoppable, and wants to play for everyone. I am not sure what broke the ice for her, but her newly-found confidence is breathtaking.

S9 played next; her pieces were Pyramid Power and Kokopelli’s Flute. Both pieces went well and I only caught one or two small errors. She ended with her trademark, dramatic S9 flourish: right hand high above her head and a little smirk on her face. She would never be accused of lacking confidence.



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