Superbowl XLVIII

Today we hosted some friends for our annual Superbowl party.

As nerdy homeschoolers, who turn even lowbrow sporting events into “learning opportunities”, we have fun with the Superbowl every year.  We decipher the roman numerals, then the kids find the teams’ cities on a map.  They also help plan food and decorate.  This year was extra fun because the Seahawks are from Seattle, where my brother lives.  The kids have been there twice and felt a bit of kinship towards that team.

While I got the food ready, the girls decorated our family room.  Later, I found and took pictures of some of the signs.  This one was O8, apparently hedging her bets:

O8 Superbowl sign

The reason this sign is important, however, is because O8 does not really care to write.  I usually have to have a very good reason (like invitations or thank-you cards) to get her to do it.  This sign is one of the first occasions where she chose to write.  She also found out how to spell Seahawks and Broncos on her own.  Usually she will ask me to help her to the point where I do everything except move the pen.

Helping make pepperoni rolls:





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