Swim Lesson 10-23-13

We are not on the regular swim lesson calendar this year, but the girls did sign up to be “on call”: basically, whenever there is a lesson opting out at the beginning of the month, the teachers call the on-call list to see if anyone wants to fill in. Some months we may get several lessons in, and others we might get none at all. The girls are both pretty competent swimmers and wanted to use the time we used to spend on lessons doing other activites. This way, we can check in periodically and brush up on strokes or just get some exercise.

This month, Julie had a spot open during the day and we just happened to be free, so O7 took the lesson. S9 had a bit of a cold, anyway, so it worked out fine. O7 reviewed her bubbles and breaths, did some freestyle, swam half the length of the pool with each of the two backstrokes, and reviewed whipkick. Just like riding a bike, once she got in the water it was almost automatic for her.



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