Music 10-22-13

Today we had our regular music lessons in Canfield.

O7 went first. She had an off day again, but got through her lesson. She worked on her C and D scales, played Etude and Minuet 2, and also worked on the Christmas tune for the December nursing home concert.

At S9’s lesson, Nelya had her sit down cold at the grand piano and play her recital piece. She wanted to give her a taste of what Sunday’s recital will be like (no chance to warm up at the venue!). S9 played twice through very nicely. They practiced walking up to the piano and also standing up and bowing after she finished. Then they went over to the upright piano and did their regular lesson. She needs to work on maintaining tempo and should work with the metronome, though mostly concentrate on her recital piece until Sunday.

I went next and we worked on the Bach Prelude in C and the Mozart Fantasie in D minor. I also played Fuer Elise, which is really improved technically. I need to polish the dynamics and work out one or two minor areas. Nelya also gave me a book of Disney ballads to look at this week for fun.



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