3.14159 Is Delicious

My husband is a pie fanatic.  He’s also an engineer, which means he’s a big fan of π.   Once, when I made him the only kind of pie he will eat his favorite, an apple pie, he though it would be clever to ask me if I’d cut him a slice of “3.14159” to avoid having to share.  S9 caught on and wanted to know what that number meant.  This led to an interesting, but cursory, discussion of Pie vs. pi.  So now, we only bake 3.14159s.  That also explains why this cartoon is hysterically funny to us:

Today we baked a pi(e) and decided it would be fun to play around with pi and our pie.  We decided to calculate the area of the crust.

Measuring the diameter of our pie.
Calculating area of our pie with pi

Lesson learned: the area of a 12″ pie crust is 113.097 in².

Oh, and pi can be very delicious.  😉



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