Whitehouse Farm Tour

Today we attended a tour of Whitehouse Fruit Farm.  We have done this tour twice before, but we always enjoy seeing the farm in fall.

We started out in a tent with the rest of our homeschool group.  The tour guide talked to us about the kinds of fruits and vegetables they grow at this farm.  This time of year, they have fresh apples, peppers and pumpkins.

Next, we got to take a walk through the orchard. 


We saw the peach trees, which have been painted white at the base of their trunks.  We learned that this is like a “sunscreen”, to keep the bark from being burned in the winter when the leaves are not there to protect it.

In the cold storage area, we learned that apples will keep many months if kept at about 36 degrees F and with some humidity.  There is a puddle of water in the center of the storage room to provide the necessary humidity.  We also learned we could simulate that at home by putting a damp sponge in our home refrigerator drawer along with our apples!


Finally, we had a treat: a cinnamon donut and some cider.  The kids enjoyed a chance to run around at the play area on a beautiful fall day.



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