Gymnastics 10-16-13

Tonight after Art Class we went to our regular gymnastics class. S9 was very excited because we received a letter in the mail saying she had been moved up from Beginner to Novice level. Tonight was to be her first class as a Novice. She joins her sister and both are excited about it for different reasons.

S9 was a bit disappointed that the staff did not do the traditional moving-up ceremony for her. I suspect it is because I just called them the night before to move her into the next class. In any case, she was pretty bummed about it. So, after dinner, I brought my laptop and speakers into the kitchen. DH moved the base from our end table over by the back door. We started the music (John Williams’ Olympic Fanfare, of course!) and asked S9 to make her way up to the “podium”. As everyone clapped, we welcomed the newest member of OGI’s Novice class! She teared up a little bit and gave me a very long hug afterwards. Of course, we celebrated with ice cream.



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