Musical Tuesday 10-15-13

Today we had our regular music lessons in Canfield in the morning. O7 went first to violin. She worked on Minuet 2 for most of the lesson and is doing a good job getting through some difficult spots. She also worked on some Christmas music (Ukranian Carol of the Bells) and was invited to play in a little recital next month.

Next, we went to piano. S9 did very well with her lesson. She finished a performance piece and started another, which she may also play in O7’s recital. Nelya also decided to enter her in a public recital at the Butler later this month. She will have a chance to play in the same annex where we take our art classes.

I did my lesson next and worked on a new Mozart piece, the Fantasy in D minor. It is not particularly difficult but does have some challenging sections. It will also be good for me to do for chord practice, something I have a very hard time with.

Later in the evening, DH joined us and we headed up to Cleveland to see the Piano Guys. We just discovered them this week and they happened to be performing nearby– what kind of coincidence is that?! We all loved the show. It is the perfect blend of good music, catchy beats, interesting instrument (electric cello, anyone?!), humorous banter, and musical party tricks (like Jon playing piano upside down!) that kept us enthralled for over two hours straight. We are so glad we were able to see them live. It gives our endless YouTube watching an even richer dimension. 😉





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