Let’s Zoo Science October 2013

Today we attended “Let’s Zoo Science” at the Akron Zoo. S9 was in the older class, and they covered the following topics:

Ages 9-12 Pouncing Predators
-What Makes a Predator?, Bears, Wolves & Otters, Oh My!, Hunting is Hard

O7 and her friend, D, were in another class:

Ages 6-8 Nature Detectives
-Lunch for a Bear, Wildlife Treasure Hunt, “Whoo-t” Loot

Both groups got to do a short tour of the zoo and had an animal encounter in the classroom. They both got a chance to dissect an owl pellet.

Later, S9 went to her last soccer practice for the season. We have a game this weekend and next, and then soccer will be over until next year.



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