Plaster Action Figures Class 3

Today was the 3rd of 4 classes in this series at the Butler, titled “Plaster Action Figures”.

In today’s class, the kids finished their 3-d backgrounds and applied plaster (via plaster-impregnated gauze) to their action figures.  We got a peek at their works-in-progress at the end.

O7 started to do a dog-walker, but changed to a cat and person (cat walker?) instead.


Her scene is a trail that runs past a house.


She made sure to point out the detail of the people inside the house’s upper windows.


Also, here is an artist at work in the park:


S9 made one of her almost-famous Kat Kits. Here is Princess, leader of the Kat Kits:


Princess’ cat:


Her uber cool urban background:


After class, we went to the park for a quick run around until lunchtime. Then we headed over to Chipotle with A and her mom, L, and met my friend G. We dined al fresco in the beautiful sunshine. G gave the girls each a bag full of Nancy Drew and Boxcar Children books. They each started one while we adults sat and talked.

Later, we went to gymnastics. O7 worked on back handsprings in her novice class. She can do one with a spotter. S9 worked on some forward moves during her floor time, and also tumble track and beam.



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