Music Lessons 10-8-2013

This morning we had our regular music lessons in Canfield.

O7 went first with violin at Miss Tina’s. She had a great lesson. First, Tina showed her the C scale. They played it together, then Tina assigned us that as a practice project. Next, she had O7 play her Suzuki pieces. She got through the part of Minuet 3 that she was supposed to practice, then learned a new part. She is really progressing and seems to recognize that she has come a long way.

At Neyla’s, S9 went first and worked through all of her homework. She also had a very good lesson, and Nelya worked with her on her performance piece. They also did 5-finger scales, some chords, and got some theory to do as an assignment.

Next was my turn. I did my A minor scales, which are good. For next week, Nelya assigned the arpeggios and cadences for me to work on. Next, I played Gavotte, but it fell apart after only a few measures. I felt very distracted and my fingers kept tripping over themselves. We switched to the Bach Prelude, which is okay but needs smoothed out and fingerings. Then we did Fuer Elise, which I have not played for Nelya in a while. It is markedly better, though I still have some rough spots that need worked through. Finally, the Sonatina. I have a lot to practice for next week, but am enjoying the challenge.



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